Code of Conduct


A community spiritually freed from the effects of restrictions on religious practices of earth based medicines and ceremonies.



The preservation of ceremonies, sacaraments, and medicines of all indiginious cultures.  To share the transforming love and enlightenment of indigenous cultures that impact the hearts and minds of all those made by the Great Creator through ceremony and knowledge exchange.  To facilitate healthy exploration of spirituality to all members who seek to walk in a good way.


Core Values

Let our core values guide our behavior and actions of all board, leaders, members, and volunteers;


Building Community

We believe in the importance of enabling relationships to build community, thus our model includes regular gatherings for accountability, support, and ceremony.



We believe that we must be honest and truthful in our personal conduct as we represent with consistency and integrity. We are responsible to the Great Creator in everything we do.


Respect and Love

We believe in respecting each person with dignity and love in the same manner that the Great Creator does with us.



We believe that we must be good stewards of all of nature. We must live in a good way.


Statement of Faith

The member of the church are called by the Great Creator to share the knowledge of indigenous culture and religions to everyone that walks in a good way. The church offer everyone, both native and not-native alike, the ability to grow and learn how to Walk Right.

We the members of the church believe:

  • The Great Creator made earth medicines available to all people.

  • It is within these medicines that we find connections to different parts of the Great Creator.

  • Ceremonies of all indigenous peoples are to be honored and respected.

  • Only through cultural exchange of religion may we grow and advance our practice.

  • If a sacred medicine speaks us, we are obligated to learn about it and bring it in ceremony.


The leaders and volunteers at all levels, as individuals and collectively in their respective teams or roles, must be committed to the Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Statement of Faith as listed above.

By following the Code of Conduct in practice and implementation, the reputation and integrity of the church will be protected. It is expected each person serving The church recognizes the ethical and legal aspects of their service and strives to give proper attention to the values and standards that must determine their actions and decisions. Each person must also understand the implications of actions or decisions today, and the impact for the future and the entirety of the church.

We are all called to lay down private agendas as we serve as a body to conduct our mission.

The participants/guests, their families, and the staff have the right to expect the church to be conducted in high standards and with excellence.

The church occupies a position of trust with those we serve and therefore we will work to preserve and enhance that trust by performing with integrity.

The church openly discloses our polices, program manuals, procedures and expectations for all who participate. It is our expectation each person will willingly follow these directional documents to enable the church to operate with excellence. Ultimately it is up to staff and volunteers individually to recognize the ethical dimension to their service and to give proper attention to the values and standards that should determine their actions and decisions.

When an individual is unable to follow the church guidelines, that person should consider moving out of the church and look to serve elsewhere. Service is a privilege, not a right and requires a good heart.


Nature of our Church

We are made up of members of various indigenous religions that have come together to share our collective heritage and medicines. Members present themselves as a tribe and community, in a cohesive and unified manner.

We may practice our ceremonies wherever and whenever there is a need.  Ceremonies are held for many different events.  Sometimes it may be to mark a passage of time, others are directed at healing the sick.

Compliance and Accountability

Voluntary compliance with our polices strengthens the credibility and reputation of our church. Each program must be conducted consistently throughout the community in a safe and good way. In this way the Board of Directors and Members can vouch for the nature of any program to participants, families, donors, and anyone encountering the church.

Under the authority of the Board of Directors, new policies may be adopted and developed. All members should be aware of and must follow all policies and procedures.

Security and training guidelines must be available and followed by members.

Each member must take responsibility for their actions and decisions, follow reporting guidelines to facilitate the effective resolution of problems, and ensure they do not exceed the authority of their position within the church.

Conflict of Interest

The Board of Directors, volunteers and staff must be aware of, disclose and properly handle any opportunity for a conflict of interest as stated in the Conflict of Interest Policy. Conflict of interest arises when a person participates in a decision about a matter which may benefit or be seen to benefit that person because of their direct or indirect monetary or financial interests in that matter.


Confidentiality and Trust

Members and staff must respect and maintain the confidentiality of information gained, including, but not limited to, all software and files, church documents and memos, church program manuals, donor information, and private experiences in ceremony.

Members and staff must respect and maintain the confidentiality and safety of the participants during ceremony and after.

Members and staff have a legal and moral obligation to report criminal activity including sexual misconduct to the appropriate authorities.

Standards for Public Comment

It is expected that members will share their experiences with friends and families. A member must understand that their comments may be taken as officially representing the church. Any formal presentation regarding the church should only be undertaken with the written permission of the Executive Director.

Any public responses to the media or inquiries from the media should be directed to the Executive Director as the official spokesperson of the church. Any negative comments by the public or media should NOT be responded to by the local volunteers or body, but immediately brought to the attention of the Executive Director.

Filming or recording of events or ceremonies must be approved in writing by the Executive Director.

No member may sign petitions, join demonstrations, challenge the federal, state, local, or tribal laws, take political positions, or advocate for a person using the name of the church or on the churches behalf.


Standards of Personal Behavior

Members and staff must be conscious of their role and the fact they represent the church as well as service as an example of how to talk right. While serving any event, program, or ceremony they must:

  • Comply with the direction and authority of the local leaders of the church

  • Treat participants and their guests with respect, showing no favoritism.

  • Avoid inappropriate language or gestures; taking care when using descriptions

  • Dress appropriately

  • Ensure all ceremonies to be free of drugs and alcohol.


Members and staff should be beyond reproach with regard to written or verbal communications, remarks, touching or inappropriate actions at all times.

Members are to ensure they practice appropriate relationships with participants and guests. Any special relationship must be disclosed to the local church authority. For the safety of the church, if there is any doubt, the church must be made aware.



Standards for Ceremonies

Ceremonies are conducted differently depending on who in running a ceremony. Please ask for information if you unsure about appropriate dress or what you need to bring with you. Most ceremonies will have information to this effect posted on our website well before the date to allow participants to prepare.

Standards for Sacred Medicines

Members may be gifted medicine for use in their ceremonies or services to the church. Members are expected to treat all medicines with the utmost respect. Safeguarding it not just from children and animals, but also from non-members of the church. Our special religious freedoms do not extend to non-members and any diversion of medicines to non-members puts all members at risk.

Members that violate any of this section will have their medicine and church privileges suspended until a council review of member is conducted.

Reporting Breaches of Conduct

All members and staff have a responsibility to report conduct that places at risk any member or staff. Each individual also is obligated to ensure that standards of behavior and practices are consistent with this Code of Conduct.


Members that have their privileges suspended will display a suspension icon on their member verification page. You are entitled to be present for your council review. Reviews are not public. Reviews will be conducted by no less then three counsel members. If you would like to comment on another members suspension, please notify your minister.

Standards for Corrective Actions

The church always reserves the right to decide which members may participant in which ceremony. Suspensions from the church represents suspension from all church events and ceremony for the designated time frame.